What does your managed services include?

Server tasks

  • Install cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin during server provisioning.
  • Optimize control panel and OS during server provisioning.
  • Migrate accounts from other servers or providers when they are running DirectAdmin or cPanel.
  • Install addons: LiteSpeed web server, JetBackups, Softaculous script auto-installer and SitePad website builder.
  • Proactive response when our monitoring system detects an issue. Do not wait for customer to open a ticket. Create a backup schedule, restore from backups when requested.
  • If the server or accounts are compromised, investigate and cleanup.
  • Update and patch CentOS.
  • Troubleshoot PHP/CGI apps/scripts.
  • Setup domains on off-server/off-site DNS servers.
  • Provide assistance with CloudFlare.

Control Panel tasks

  • Upgrade/downgrade cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin version (stable/release versions only).
  • Troubleshoot failed automated update and/or backup creation tasks.
  • For security: install Config Server & Firewall + Comodo WAF Mod Security Rules. Tweak rules to lower false positives.
  • Repair/reinstall of all supported services.
  • Configure and troubleshoot DNS/nameserver/RDNS.
  • Install SSL certificates, generating free AutoSSL or letsencrypt certificates.
  • Troubleshoot email problems related to Exim MTA or Dovecot (pop, imap).
  • Tweak SpamAssassin Anti-Spam Software.
  • Support LiteSpeed web server software + LScache.
  • Troubleshoot standard Horde/IMP and Squirrelmail webmail clients.
  • Support for Apache/LiteSpeed on cPanel, Apache/OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed/NGINX on DirectAdmin.
  • Optimize web server and PHP configuration.
  • Optimize MySQL/MariaDB using mysqltuner data.
  • Install/Update PHP versions and the necessary PHP extensions.

WordPress tasks

  • Install WP + theme + plugins.
  • Update WP + themes + plugins.
  • Secure WP using plugins.
  • Install LScache plugin on servers running LiteSpeed.
  • Troubleshoot performance issues.
  • Optimize wordpress by installing caching accelerators and optimization plugins.

If you're looking for something not included, contact us to see if can offer you a solution or include it apart of your service at no additional cost.

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