VPS, Reseller or Dedicated? Which is right for me?

There are various types of hosting options depending on your needs. If you're uncertain which one best applies to you, contact us!

VPS (Virtual Private Servers): These servers allow for larger control over your environment. Different levels of resources can be dedicated to these services to support the wide-array of applications that may be needed. These are great for entry-level websites that are growing such as blogs, small e-commerce sites, etc.

Reseller Hosting: Our high-performance shared hosting allows for multiple websites, each under their own account while lowering licensing costs. This is great for developers who don’t quite need a full dedicated server themselves, but still require the ability to separate development, provide their clients their own logins. In addition, our Reseller platform is powered by CloudLinux OS to ensure the best performance and security while still maintaining a guaranteed block of resources normally found with a VPS.

Dedicated Servers: This is the top of the line offering. If you need a dedicated server it’s usually due to large traffic websites or resource hungry applications that require dedicated hardware resources. Dedicated servers can be customized extensively with different hardware configurations such as high performance CPU, high quantity of RAM and plenty of storage space options.


All offerings include proactive monitoring, premium network, management panel, 24/7/365 support and our satisfaction guarantee.

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